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Test your browser to see if you are truly online or just pulling a cached webpage.

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Another Website

This website was created for troubleshooting browser caching issues. Odds are you have never been to this site. This is why you’ve been instructed to come here; to see if you are really online. Try any of these links or banners to see if they load. 

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What are browser caching issues?

Browser caching issues are when a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) remembers you having been to a website and loads how it looked before (from it’s memory) to load it quicker than if it had to pull the live version of that site.

This makes you believe that you are really online when perhaps you are really not. If this happens any changes made to that site (which you are unaware of) will not show on your screen. These changes could possibly include: posts, images, links, videos, etc.


This website participates in affiliate marketing. This means we do get paid, not if you click or tap on any links or banners, but only if you purchase something from those sites.

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